Watch Services On-Line

There are several places where you can watch services on-line if you don’t have a good Bible based church nearby, or if you’re just not ready to take that step. Here are some that I watch regularly.

The Tree of Life Church-Watch Services On-Line

  • The Tree of Life Church is my local church here in Naples, FL. If you are in the area, I highly recommend this church. You will find it to be very warm and welcoming. You can watch their previous services on their website, or watch them live on Their Facebook Page Sunday mornings at 10:10 ET.
  • Watch sermons by Joyce Meyer on Her Website. I really enjoy her sermons. They are usually very matter of fact, energetic and encouraging. She also does a couple of different TV shows that are great to watch.
  • Joel Osteen ministries offers a Free 30 Minute Podcast that you can download each week. I also recommend looking for his sermons on TV. He is funny, energetic and uplifting!